Some Great Things To Love About Frankincense Essential Oil!

We have noticed that more and more people are parting ways with their conventional perfumes and turning towards essential oils.
It makes sense when you look at how many chemicals are in a typical fragrance product.
And beyond smelling amazing, essential oils carry potent aroma therapeutic properties that can have subtle yet powerful effects on your mood and emotions.

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.
Rachel Carson

Knowing that, we take great care in creating essential oil blends that help you be your best self (while also smelling amazing).
And there was one essential oil that we found ourselves using more than once. It seemed to make sense in so many different blends…


You may know it as one of the main ingredients in incense, but there is a lot more to frankincense essential oil than its fresh scent.

Sourced from the Boswellia family of trees, which are native to the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, frankincense is a resin that “bleeds” from the bark when the tree is slashed or cut. Farmers allow the resin to harden into what they call “tears,” and then scrape the sap off for use. It can be used as is, in its hardened state, ground into a powder, or steamed to produce frankincense essential oil.

The product was in such high demand in ancient cultures that it became very expensive, vaulting southern Arabia into an area known as “Arabia the Blessed.” In addition to being used in incense, perfumes, and for religious ceremonies and burials, frankincense was also known for its medicinal properties.
Quality varies, and trees that are well cared for often produce finer resin. The best kinds are opaque white, or semi-translucent white with shades of lemon or light amber. Frankincense from India is the exception, considered best when golden to golden-brown.

We use frankincense essential oil in a few of our essential oil blends, so we wanted to highlight a few unusual things about it.

1. Some Believed It Was Protected By Dragons 
Perhaps to keep others from encroaching on their livelihood, those who grew the Boswellia trees were happy to spread the rumor that their land was protected by dragons. Ancient Greek writer Herodotus (5th century B.C.) wrote: “Arabia is the only country which produces frankincense, myrrh, cassia, and cinnamon… the trees bearing the frankincense are guarded by winged serpents of small size and various colors.” Because it was more valuable than gold at one time, legend had it that the trees from which frankincense came were guarded by dragon-like creatures that were happy to fend off any intruders.

2. The Resin is Edible
Whether in its hardened state or as oil, frankincense is edible. Ancient cultures chewed it like gum, and used it to treat digestive ailments and to boost the immune system. Edible versions are supposed to be “pure,” meaning of translucent color, with no dark-colored impurities.

3. It’s a Natural Bug Repellent
Frankincense has long been used to drive away mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects. Mosquitoes don’t like it. Burning it keeps these bugs away. The Egyptians fumigated wheat silos and repelled wheat moths with it. In addition to burning it, you can also apply it directly to skin.

4. It May Help Ease Your Mind
Try adding a few drops to your warm bath to relieve stress, or burn a bit of incense in your office.

5. Women Used it to Make Eyeliner
Think makeup is only a modern-day invention? Think again. Ancient Egyptian women used frankincense to create their famous heavy black “kohl” eyeliner. They charred it first, and then ground it into a powder that they applied to their eyelids.

6. It’s Super for Skin
Herbalists prize Frankincense for its abilities. It’s also a good option for those with oily skin. Combine it with a carrier oil to help moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

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