Our Story

I have always loved essential oils, and incense and perfumes and anything that smelled awesome. I even got lost at Disneyland when I was about six because I wandered off to the India section! That was me on the left (with my Mom and sister)  at about the same time visiting in Los Angeles, of course fascinated by a flower! It was destiny!

Fast forward a lot of years spent in the corporate world, and just life in general that got me sidetracked, I found essential oils again! As I learned more about the benefits of essential oils, the benefits of shea butter (a good friend gave me raw unrefined shea for a bad scrape and it completely healed it), coconut oil, argon oil and so much more of what Mother Nature offers to heal, protect and nourish our bodies and our soul, I had found my passion!

So I started making products that I thought people would benefit from, enjoy and would be a healthy alternative to what is bought over the counter. The more I researched what products were offered by many, the more I realized how bad they are for us, the environment and really not effective!

Then my husband got into it! He can tell you all about the benefits of shea butter, how to pronounce (and where it comes from) Ylang Ylang and so much more! He now does most of the production; while I do quality control, research, marketing, and packaging. Our humble beginnings were at local farmer’s markets, where we have built a loyal following, grew and have been blessed with customers that have been truly satisfied!

We are absolutely passionate about our products! The only animal testing is done on me (tough job but somebody has to do it!). We are now part of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program.

All of our products are made with care, love, small batch produced and all plant based! We look forward to sharing with you products that will delight your skin and your soul!

With love,

Walt & Marie Eatman

Me Doing What I Love, Sharing Our Products
My Sweetie Creating In The Studio
Us Together At A Market