Key Areas That Are Important To Us!

We are proud and happy to share that we are licensed to use the Greener Life diamond logo on our products! What does this mean?

  • We are dedicated to producing products and services that promote a Greener Life.
  • By striving to provide shoppers reliable information about the health, social, animal welfare and environmental attributes of a product. Mother Nature has supplied us with so many wonderful ingredients for healthy and happy bodies, we need to return the same care!
  • Implementing good manufacturing and/or re-packaging practices in the production and/or packaging of the products we produce. What we put on the label, is what we put in our products! Integrity in this area is extremely important to us!
  • It means that we buy from companies that support fair trade and respect for the indigenous people who’s land produces raw these ingredients. Paying our suppliers a fair price for these ingredients supports not only them but their families and communities!
  • Animal-friendly, which means that natural habitats are not disturbed and deforested. Carbon footprints are 0 or minimal, depending on the ingredients.
  • Bio Healthy meaning we are committed to keeping harmful and toxic additives out of our products. We choose to work with companies who are openly transparent from start to finish in their production. When we say we are all natural, we truly are, all natural!  All products are made without parabens, petroleum, and sodium lauryl sulfates. We refuse to use any toxic additives, preservatives, and skin-drying alcohols to make our profits higher at the cost of your beautiful skin.

This we take very seriously and to heart. We are all in this together!


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