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I purchased the sugar scrub and Shea butter for my daughter. She has tried everything to help clear up her back and nothing really worked. She is very fair skinned and super sensitive to a lot of products. She used the sugar scrub and Shea butter ONCE and her skin on her back calmed down. After the second use, it is clearing up. I tried the scrub and the butter on my hands and now we keep fighting over it but I’m getting some today!

Michelle-Facebook review


My mom bought the pink grapefruit nourishing body oil as a gift to me on a vacation to Florida, and I LOVE IT! I am super picky about ingredients and products, and this is a definite keeper. I have to ask if they use safe dilution for the grapefruit essential oil because if it’s not, it is phototoxic and can make you more prone to sunburn on exposed skin. Either way, I’ll still get more and use it in the winter! Incredibly soft and such a refreshing scent for waking up and getting the day going!

 Sarah-Facebook review


I rarely submit reviews but I had to for this company! About 2 weeks ago I visited their stall at the farmer’s market in Windermere Orlando. Walt was the definition of great customer service. So sweet and kind. I had no intention of actually buying but I had to after the level of his service and I’m so glad I did! I ended up with the Lavender Body Oil and its been a staple for me since then. I use it in my hair, to take my makeup off and moisturize my face and body. It’s an amazing product. I wish you guys the absolute best.

Zowie-Facebook review


My boyfriend has bad eczema and psoriasis every now and then so we got the grapefruit sugar scrub and cream from Marie & Walt! Now his skin is healing and feeling so much better after years of using any random moisturizer we now know to get our product from body essentials! Thank you!

Emily-Facebook review


The lip balm is amazing! It soothed my daughters extremely chapped lips & the peppermint helped her nausea that she struggles with due to a medical condition. Very friendly & informative!!!!!

Jennifer-Facebook review


The Bug Bite Balm and Insect Repellent really do work. My kids and I went down to Fort Meyers Beach and it seemed that we were the only people there not getting bit by no-see-ums and mosquitos. Love all of their products.

Shamina-Facebook review


Allergy oils are amazing! I share them wherever I go!

Darcy-Facebook review