Small Business Statistics That Will Surprise You

As a full-time small business owner for the last four years, I have been a big fan of artisans and shopping locally whenever possible. But when I ran across these statistics about why shopping small is so important, I just had to share this!

Shop small is more than merely a cute phrase to catch your attention.

When you choose to spend your holiday dollars with a small business, you empower people, families, and communities in ways that Amazon or Target can’t touch. Here’s how…

  • You create more local job opportunities. Seventy-seven million Americans are employed by small businesses. That’s 2 out of every 3 private-sector jobs in the United States. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) small businesses have created 66% of all new jobs since 1995. Every $10million of spending at a local company creates 57 jobs while that same spending at Amazon creates just 14 jobs.
  • You foster a more sustainable economy. According to the SBA, big businesses have eliminated 4 million jobs since 1990, while small businesses added 8 million jobs within that same time period. Small businesses are more likely to be people-oriented, more likely to be community-oriented, and more likely to support local causes.
  • You support the creation of greater diversity. When you spend money with local, independent businesses, those businesses tend to hire people who represent the demographics of the surrounding community.
  • You enjoy better customer service. Small businesses deliver more personable, hands-on, and memorable customer service. They take pride in serving their people and deeply desire to connect with you.
  • You make a positive impact in the lives of others. When you shop small, you create a meaningful difference in the lives of someone whose name you actually know. And they know you, too. Another child can access music lessons, another teenager can attend college, an adult can get much-needed healthcare, and another family isn’t at the whim of a corporate giant

This holiday, I encourage you to shop small… not just on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but all season long. And then carry that good energy with you right into 2020 and shop small all year long. In doing so, you support the American dream of independence.

If you would like some suggestions for small business owners that create beautiful jewelry, bake awesome goodies and so much more, please comment below and I would be glad to offer suggestions! Or you can find our online store here Body Essentials Aromatherapy Shop.

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