How To Use Our Body Butters & Body Oils For Best Results

Ever wonder when and how to use a body butter or body oil? Does it have to be after every shower or bath? Is there a best time? Keep reading to find out more..

As for whether or not moisturizing after a shower is really necessary, the answer is absolutely yes according to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michael Kaminer. Here’s why. “Your skin has the most moisture when it’s wet and most moisturizers work best when skin is already hydrated,” he says. He explains that after your shower, water evaporates off your skin quickly which can leave your skin feeling dry. Not only is dry skin aesthetically unpleasing, but it can also become itchy and incredibly uncomfortable. Not to mention, dry skin can exacerbate the look of tell-tale signs of aging skin, including wrinkles and fine lines. The best way to keep those unwanted side effects at bay is to moisturize often, like really, really often. That’s why it’s best to apply products immediately after a shower while the skin is still slightly damp and reach for the body lotion, body butter or your favorite oil. — before reaching for those clothes.

So, how do you apply moisturizer the right way? It’s not as simple as slapping some body butter onto your skin and forgetting about it. To really maximize the benefits of your body lotion and moisturizer, you’ll want to follow these steps:

BODY BUTTER/OIL STEP #1: Place a quarter-size amount of your favorite body moisturizer into the palm of your hand.

BODY BUTTER/OIL STEP #2: Rub the moisturizer between your palms for a few seconds to warm it up.

BODY BUTTER/OIL STEP #3: Use both hands to massage the moisturizer onto a small area of skin in gentle circular motions.

BODY BUTTER/OIL STEP #4: Repeat the above steps as needed to cover your entire body in moisturizer. Depending on how dry your skin feels, you can be more liberal with the amount of product you apply. Be more generous on areas of thick skin, such as your elbows or knees.

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When to Apply Body Lotion and Moisturizer
Equally as important as applying moisturizer the right way is doing so at the right time. It’s best to apply body moisturizer immediately after exiting a bath or shower, while your skin is still damp. This helps to lock in the most moisture. But that’s not the only time you should apply body lotion and moisturizer. Below, we’re sharing a few more.

Before Exercising: If you’re exposing your skin to the elements (think: jogging in the park or around the block), prep your skin beforehand with a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer. If the weather is particularly chilly, this can help reduce the dryness that may occur once your workout session has ended.

After Shaving: In addition to removing unwanted body hair, shaving also removes the top layer of surface cells similar to an exfoliator. To help protect newly exposed skin from dryness, as well as soothe any razor irritation, apply a body lotion or moisturizer after shaving.

Before Bed: Moisture is pulled out of the skin as we sleep, so prep yourself by applying a body moisturizer right before bed. Besides, soft and smooth skin is always a nice feeling as you slip into the sheets.

During and After Air Travel: Low cabin pressure and recycled air can dry your skin out quickly while in-flight. Apply a body moisturizer while you’re at cruising altitude and again once you reach your final destination.

And as always, drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated!!

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