How To Love Your Feet Again (Really!)

When we were babies and little tykes we loved our feet. We played with them, we loved having them tickled and the the first feeling of grass between our toes an something to delight in. We tore our socks and shoes off whenever we could get to them. We may have even stuck them in our mouths!

We weren’t embarrassed by them, we didn’t hide them. We delighted in them! We showed them off to the world!

Here are some super great ways to get your feet and tootsies ready for summer. You have been in boots and shoes all winter and really needing some tlc! Yes spring will be here soon even though it may not feel like it in a majority of the US and Canada.

A Nifty Tool

  • There is a super nifty tool you can pick up at Dollar Tree and yes it is only a dollar! They are called Pedicure Paddles and I can’t live without mine! That scraper on the one end is not too abrasive but is the best! Works wonders on those heels! And it is so handy and easy in the shower that you can do them with as needed They can be found in the nail section and here is a link to show you what they look like (I couldn’t upload a picture)

Healing Benefits of Foot Soaks

  • Immersing your feet in a tub of warm water , even without extras, is a nice way to relax after a long day. It can soothe your muscles, hydrate your skin and can relieve aches and pains from standing for hours or from walking in uncomfortable shoes. Softening our feet in a soak makes it easier to exfoliate (you can use the brush and scraper tool mentioned above). Enhancing your soak with Epsom salts and/or essential oils can be very beneficial too. Epsom salt can help flush toxins, reduce inflammation increase circulation and ease muscle cramps. And essential oils can be beneficial both for enhancing your mood and for their own properties, lavender and rosmary essential oils can soothe tired feet and are antiseptic. Add a half of teaspoon of oil or powder milk to help disperse the essential oils.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

  • Now your feet are ready to exfoliate! Feet have fewer oil glands than other parts of the body, which makes them susceptible to dry air. The problem only gets worse with age. Cells reproduce more slowly the older you get, so it takes longer for dry, dead skin to be replaced. This is why exfoliating is so beneficial, we get rid of that dead skin so our feet are then able to absorb moisturizers much better. A great smelling scrub works wonders here as well as the pedicure paddle mentioned above. You can make your own scrub right from your kitchen, or find one our awesome whipped sugar scrubs here
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Your feet are now primed for absorbing some hydrating body butter or lotion. Shea and cocoa butter offer some amazing skin benefits, You don’t need to use too much, you don’t want them squishing in your socks or slippers! And don’t moisturize between your toes, no need and will not be absorbed. Massage your foot moisturizer into feet, focusing on dry, cracked areas. Cover feet with cotton socks right away if you wish.

Try this every once in a while for some nice pampering or repeat on a regular basis to keep feet soft. Pampering your feet can be very relaxing. It helps you relieve stress and can be therapeutic. Feet get little care compared to other parts of your body such as your hands and face. Healthy feet are vital to our overall health so don’t neglect them!

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