How Are You Doing?

Sorry I have been quiet lately. I was really excited about cool stuff I could share with you. I had planned out topics that I thought you might like and enjoy. I was looking forward to some behind the scene videos. And then almost three weeks ago we started plunging into the twilight zone.

The past two weeks have felt like a month. I was suddenly babysitting my four-year-old granddaughter, wondering if I should go on the hunt for toilet paper, and did brave the grocery store madness. I didn’t need toilet paper as I had just bought a big thing of them at Sam’s before this started. But it was so easy to caught up in the panic and fear. And most of you experienced or are experiencing this too. That is the thing, we are all in this together. We survived 9/11 and we will survive this.

Struggling against the uncertainty of COVID-19 is difficult enough. As we are increasingly told to stay inside, flatten the curve, and isolate, the feeling of solitude can become overwhelming. We crave company and miss our daily routines. Now we have all been told that we need to abandon socialization for the sake of our health and our communities. Though we know this is wise advice, it does not make coping with solitude easier. For the past couple of weeks, one old saying has been helping me to cope: “The only way out is through.” I believe that it’s best to go through it together.

Though we may be physically separated, we will walk through this time of uncertainty together, anxious to emerge on the other side stronger than before. Even when the solitude feels overwhelming, it is important to remember that getting through does not mean giving up. Over the past couple of weeks, I watched heartbreaking moments, so many industries and jobs have been decimated. But I have also slowed down, really looked at what I want my new normal to look like, and we will get back to normal. and I spent time with my granddaughter and laughed with about silly things, running through sprinklers and funny dress up. Getting through means seizing these moments, maintaining hope, and planning things to look forward to when the uncertainty is finally over.

We truly want to know how everyone is doing? Are your kids driving you crazy because school is closed? Do you have enough toilet paper? Share, vent, email us, post on our Facebook page, we are all in this together. And if you need to reach out to someone, my number is 407-375-1765. And remember to wash those hands!

With Kindness,
Walt and Marie

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